I’ve been doing this website for about 13 years now and you would think the payola would be rolling in here like Ben Schroeder rolling into a lipslide. I hate to let your image of the glamour of running this beast of a website down but reality is a cruel bitch!

I got this long box from Matador and wasn’t sure what it was. Opened it up and dug through the filler to find 5 Matador Beef Snack Sticks inside. Alright, I eat one from time to time, usually while on a road trip. There was also a couple extra attachments like a $15 iTunes giftcard and a portable USB drive.

To make an uninteresting story short, I ate the beefstick and my wife stole another one. I plugged in the giftcard and it was good (I still haven’t decided what to buy though, although they sent some team riders suggestions and yes they apparently have pro team riders.) . It was spicy and there are 3 sticks left for the other staffers.

“Step into a Slim….”, nah, I just couldn’t go there! That’s it.