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Old Kook – Snakes shoe laces

Reinventing the wheel?

When I first got these shoelaces I was skeptical. I mean come on shoelaces aren’t exactly some new invention. They’ve been around awhile. To come out and say you’ve invented some great new shoelaces, well isn’t that kinda like reinventing the wheel?

Never the less, since my current laces were pretty trashed I decided why not and put them on. I really didn’t notice anything different about my shoes, but after at least a month of wearing these they have very minimal damage and look as though they will still hold strong for a few good weeks to come. These laces are made with braided fibers, and are coated with a layer of urethane so they won’t rip and tear when you do kneeslides.

I truly am surprised on how well these laces have lasted, and would recommend trying them out. They retail at about $7.00 which is around double what you would pay for a normal pair of laces, but considering these last 2-3 times longer they may very well be worth the extra few bucks.