Independent Stage 9

Independent Stage 9 149 mm. Now being a former tracker user; I put up with a lot. The constant jokes, mocks, jeers, taunts, death threats, and anonymous internet slams. The constant harassment never really got to me, and I just kept riding my trucks never really thinking about it too much. Then one day Santa Claus aka the UPS guy dropped off a box containing a set of Indys, and like the true turncoat I am I set them right up.

To start I ripped off the stock bushings, and put in some 90A Soft Indy bushings which made a huge difference in the turning. They seemed to weigh the same to slightly more than the tracker 149s, but nothing too noticeable. Another major difference between Indys and trackers are that the Indys have thicker axles which helps the bearings fit on the truck better.

Overall I have nothing negative to say about the trucks, and I plan to continue to ride them. On the other hand I haven’t felt a huge surge of Indy pride, and I don’t see myself giving anyone a beat down for riding trackers, or getting an Indy tattoo on my arm although I did hear that getting your last name on your upper back is the in thing to do right now. In the end everyone is going to ride the trucks that they want to, but if you’re looking for a new set of trucks you can’t really go wrong with Indy.