Product Reviews

Independent Mob Griptape

I already know what you’re thinking. “A review on griptape?” “You must be pretty bored.” Well I am so deal with it. Griptape may seem trivial, but every board needs a sheet of this colored sandpaper so here goes.

I’ve been using Independent griptape for a few months now, and this stuff is solid. Indy griptape is made by Mob, and it is basically a standard sheet of griptape except it has a cut out of the indy logo, so you can let everyone know you’re cooler than they are because you ride indy. One of the main things I like about this griptape is that it holds together, and stays grippy for a long time, so even if you ride the same board for a long time the griptape won’t smooth out, and lose its grip.

You can buy a box of 9″ X 33″ independent griptape which is really cool to have around the house when you feel like setting up a board, and the closest shop is….zumiez.