Product Reviews

Homicide Skateboards

When I opened up the box from Homicide skateboards I was immediately stoked to find that a company actually sent me something in my size! I mean I love XXXL t-shirts, 7 inch decks, and shoes that are 2 sizes too big just as much as the next guy, but sometimes getting a board in the size you are used to is also good.

Homicide makes high quality skateboards out of rock hard maple. They have great pop and good medium concave. All the Homicide boards are made in the USA which would explain why they are so strong and stiff. Every single Homicide skateboard is guaranteed not to delaminate. Homicide stands behind their skateboards since they are made here and are made right. They have a variety of graphics that stick close to their name with lots of guns, skulls, and crime scenes for those of you who are into cool looking graphics for the 5 seconds they look new before you start doing slides, or some people who think a skateboard is meant to be looked at behind a plastic covering up on a wall. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that…on second thought yes there is skateboards are meant to be ridden!

You can check out Homicide’s website and look at photos and video of their riders, take a virtual tour of their factory and see how their boards are made. There is also a catalog of all their boards and clothing as well as regular updates. You can see Homicide’s riders ripping all over Socal and other places including CD member Mr. Pants.