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Hello Skater Girl – Book

Book by – Julian Bleecker

A month ago I saw this book surface online and it caught my interest. I’m down to support up coming artists so I ordered a copy. They are limited so I didn’t want to miss out. I kind of forgot about it after a little while and then it landed in the mail box. Stoked! This is a photography book of girl skateboarders completely put forth by Julian Bleeker who didn’t have any experience shooting skateboarding photos or publishing a book. The final product turned out really good. I blazed through page after page of glossy pin up girl skaters. It was quick though, there’s not much reading going on here. There is a few pages about the experience which I came back to and which also put the whole deal into perspective. It was a different approach to the normal skateboard action books and magazines we are most accustomed to. It’s a good book, and some lovely Eye Candy!

Book by – Julian Bleecker

The photo subjects are:

Amelia Brodka

Lizzie Armanto

Allysha Bergado

Amee Jay Papelera

Nora Vasconcellos

Carleigh Samson

Abby Zsarnay

Hunter Long

There were 255 printed and I don’t think there are many left if any. It’s $25.00 plus shipping & handling. Take a look at the link and get the rest of the information from the source:

Hello, Skater Girl is a photography book of girl skateboarders