Generation 3 Navigator Trucks

Navigator trucks


Navigator Trucks

Its always cool when a company just sends you a package, and you had no idea it was coming. I found the square, brown UPS standard edition box sitting by my gate. I opened it up to find a new set of jet black Navigator 129 mm. trucks along with a catalog of their new line up, and some stickers. They sat on my desk for awhile, because I don’t normally ride 129 mm. trucks so I put it off. Then one day I got an 8 inch all black deck so I figured, "hey, close enough!" and put the two together with some 56 mm. black wheels to make an all black setup so I can try to be cool like Blkprjkt.

The hangers on the trucks are slightly concaved like all the other navigators which didn’t seem to make much a difference to me when I rode them. The kingpin is the same as on the grind king trucks which is supposed to help with not hanging up, and since I never hung up riding these we’ll call it a success. The trucks turn really well, and have a good feel to them which I guess is supposed to mean they have good geometry, but I failed geometry once already, and am barely making it the second time so I won’t explore the different geometry of trucks too much. If you really have to have a technical reason why these trucks turn so well you could probably ask Machinesound, and he could explain it, if you can understand him.

If you would like to buy these trucks you can see if your local shop has them or check out the the navigator site, and while you are on there you can browse photos of the team, and stay tuned for the Ben Schroeder 9 inch model.