BackStabber Schwag Bag / Adam Morgan deck

The boys at BackStabber kicked down with some gear, 100% legit, never quit. I received a package from Backstabber Skateboards that contained a board and two shirts. The shirts were actually my size, had cool graphics and weren’t pink or any other lame bright color. The board, called The Captain, was not your usual popsicle, the shape came from the mind of Adam Morgan, measured out at 8 5/8″ wide 32 1/4″ long, 15″ wheel base, and a tail that was slightly square. Even though it was designed by Adam Morgan Backstabber wanted to make it clear that this is NOT a pro model since they have no pros. Now this is a very functional shape and I will tell you that it was freakin awesome to ride since it wasn’t as long as most boards this wide. I rode it at a couple of parks and had a great time with this thing. The wood is solid, has great pop and medium concave which should make most people happy. Now this weekend I rode this piece of wood at a few backyards and I was amazed. This board was made for backyard pools! Imagine trying to hump your friends grandma without any lube(skateparks) and then you break out the lube(backyard pools) and bam instant action. This board was good in the parks but in pools this is one of my favorite boards I have ridden in a long time. Go get one and support the companies that live, breath and eat skateboarding at

The Cap’n.

Double R, still going strong on death row.

Brant Austin