2009 Maloof Money Cup results:
Mens Pro Street Finals
1. Chris Cole
2. Tommy Sandoval
3. Nyjah Huston
4. Torey Pudwill
5. Ryan Sheckler
6. Sean Malto
7. Greg Lutzka
8. David Gonzalez
9. Paul Rodriguez
10. Mark Appleyard
11. Peter Ramondetta
12. Dennis Busenitz


Independent Trucks presents Bellmar’s Bowl 20 Years Deep jam

Independent Trucks presents Bellmar’s Bowl 20 Years Deep jam:
Featuring Steve Alba, Peter Hewitt, Jeff Grosso, Darren Navarrette, Sam Hitz, Lance Mountain, Al Partanen, Christian Hosoi, Omar Hassan, Micke Alba, Eric Nash, Cara Beth Burnside, Josh Borden, Pat Ngoho, Crazy Kyle, and Jay Haizlip

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PREVIEW of the Maloof Money Cup which starts today at the Orange County Fair in CA.

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WHERE:Vans Skatepark in Orange CA.


Maloof Skateboarding Announces Global Initiative

Worldwide Program to Promote Skateboarding & Support Communities Kicks Off Year-Long South Africa Tour Leading Up to Maloof Money Cup, the World


Saturday was a good skateday. All kinds of stuff going on. Jeff covered the Pedlow contest and I ventured down south for the Clash at Clairemont event. The old (last years) X Games ramp found a home at the Mission Valley YMCA. The vert demo consisted of most the big names. Bucky, Bob, Lincoln, and of course Tony to name a few. You know if Tony shows up the crowds will follow. He and the other skaters went right to work on the beast ramp.

Tony Hawk stalefish

I’ve be lucky enough to cover The X Games and stand on the deck of these huge ramps many times. But it always blows me away when a guy throws a ten foot plus air in front of me.

Lincoln sky master.

The demo moved into the pool and the session raged.

Chris Miller classic FSA.

Bob was on fire.

Mike Rogers got into the mix. Grind For Life was one of the event sponsors. Always cool to catch Mike skating.

Lots of booths , food and give-aways. Big Bonus…. Agent Orange played pool side. It was sick!

Good times all around. Big thanks goes out to Laszlo Kelemen and to everyone else who made this event happen.

Check out the gallery for more photos here: gories.php?cat_id=230

Bucky Lasek Spotlight

Vans continues to take a deeper look into its team riders and music/artist collaborations through their ‘Spotlight’ series. Discover the life of Bucky Lasek through pictures, video and the story of a skateboarder who says he’s "a little bit of old school and a little bit of new school."

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Vans Hard Rock Cafe – Triple Crown of Skateboarding 1999

Welcome to the Vans Hard Rock Cafe – Triple Crown of Skateboarding here at Huntington Beach California.

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NRPA Conference 2005: San Antonio

The first day I was able to sit in on a skatepark education session presented by KaBOOM. I arrived early and peeped in on some of the other education sessions and noticed 10-20 people in each room. When I got to the skatepark class it was packed. There must have been over a hundred Parks and Recreation employees from across the country jammed into this classroom…

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The Vans Skatepark in Orlando will again be hosting the Bucky Lasek/Vans Vert Camp with the multiple X Games and Dew Tour gold medalist. The camp will last two days, Thursday, May 31 and Friday, June ,1 from 8am – 12pm and is geared to intermediate/advanced vert skaters looking to fine tune their skills. Beginner skaters are not recommended for this camp. Cost is $150 for members and $175 for non-members. Sign up today because last year’s camp sold out fast with only 30 spots available. Vans Skate Park Orlando 407.351.388

Warped Tour Report 1999

Warped Tour 1999

…the “JIMI HENDRIX Music Experience, it was so loud, no one wanted to go near the damn thing!

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Roundwall Rumble – Lee and Joe Jamail Skatepark

It was a hot summer day in Houston for the Roundwall Rumble pool jam.

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It was another completely EPIC battle in the combi at Vans yesterday. Before we put up our complete coverage, here are the results.

Media division:

1: Garret
2: Brian Fic k-Every magazine under the sun?
3 Scott Taylor -Skateboarder Magazine
4 Jim Murphy-Juice Magazine
5 Buddy Carr-ConcreteWave
6 Dave Swift-TheSkateboardMag
7 Mike
8 John Fudala-Fork Burns

Womens’ division:
1.Carabeth Burnside
2. Lyn-Z Adams hawkins
3. Mimi Knoop
4. Julie Kindstrand
5. Jodi McDonald
6. Apryl Woodcock
7. Nicole Zuck
8. Holly Lyons
9. Mandy Esch
10. Cressey Rice
11. Kim Petersen

Masters’ Division:
1.Chris Miller
2. Lance Mountain
3. Steve Caballero
4. Duane Peters
5. Steve Alba
6. Lester Kasai
7. Ben Schroeder
8. Buck Smith
9. Micke Alba
10. Glen Charnoski
11. Mike Barnes
12. Mike McGill
13.(tie) Pat Ngoho
13.(tie) Steve Steadham
15. Mark Partain
16. Dave Reul
17. Tony Magnusson
18. Jesse Martinez
19. Lonny Hiramoto
20.(tie) Dave Duncan
20.(tie) Jon Harsma
22. Don Fisher
23. Pat Black
24. Jon-Jon Bryan

Pro Division:
1. Rune Glifberg
2. Bucky Lasek
3. Omar Hassan
4. Bob Burnquist
5. Benji Galloway
6. Andy Macdonald
7. Bruno Passos
8. Joshua Borden
9. Lincoln Ueda
10. Sergie Ventura
11. Nolan Johnson
12. Remy Stratton
13. Brian Patch
14. Darren Navarette
15. Darin Jenkins
16. Dave Maxwelll
17. Jimmy The Greek
18. Chris Cudlipp
19.(tie)Matt Moffett
19.(tie) Daniel Cardone
21. Tim Johnson
22.(tie) Josh Sandoval
22.(tie) Morgan Burgess
24. Tyler Mumma

Mike Crespino

I think I would like to win the lottery, but if I couldn’t do that I’d like to stop stressing out about not having any money.

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BEST OF BOTH / Diary of a madman

Kevin and Thilo tie for 1st place and then Ronnie chimes in as the 3rd person.

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Slam City Jam 1999 – Vancouver BC

Photo by Jeff Greenwood

The Finals. Only the Strong survived to rideย again until today.

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The LG Skateboarding Championships

Tas Pappas made a good showing

Hey vert jocks! You are getting paid to skate. If you don’t want to get $30,000 to skate, go home.

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Chris Adams

Chris Adam Interview

Chris Adams is not your average skater. Sure, he likes Hesh, skateboarding, drinking a 40, and getting laid, but when it comes to skateboarding he’s one burly Bastard. Read more

Ryan Hodson Profile

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