Camtest / Tucklove / Pink Motel 2015

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7/25/15 was a busy day in the skateboarding world. The peek of summer and everyone is out skateboarding and having fun. Cam Dowse organizes a a magnificient skatejam for pool skaters to enjoy and with an eye to his fallen comrade Dave Tuck throws a hell of a party.

I got there as the lightweights were finishing up thier heat and it was hot (as you will see the sweat in the pics). That's a good reason to grab a cold beer and jump in the pool with the sharks or sit back and shoot some pics and video which I opted for. Billy Deans set the stage on the mic for most of the event. Riley Stevens cleaned up that division and jumpded into a couple cold Coors Lights to celebrate. After that division it went straight into the middle weights and this group was broken into 2 heats and they were each packed with talented rippers. Chris Russel was the crowd favorite as he barreled around the pool non stop crushing everything in his path. 

The heavy weights rolled in and there numbers were far fewer, but the crushing of the trucks to pool coping barked loud as the punk bands played on through. Jonathan Conley won the heavy weights class and took home a fist full of dollars and trophy. the sun begain to set when the final event of the day got started. The Best Trick over the diving board. Once in a while you see a great trick over a board online or in a mag. today, we all say about 20 go down in the timespan of about an hour. Chris Russel and tristan Rennie unleashed multiple hammers over the board. Josh Borden let a couple go like a nose pick and an andrecht on the board. Many others got in the best shots, but the best trick went to the last trick. Marlon Silva pulled off a backside boneless revert from the diving board. (see the video, its epic)

The end results:

$3,000 dollars was made for cancer charities

Lightwieghts 125-150lbs:

1- Riley Stevens



4- Zack Tripp


Middle Weights 150-175lbs:

1- Chris Russell


3- Tristan Rennie



Heavy Weights 175lbs plus:

1- Marlon Silva





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