As we wait in line to enter, Kyle see this crazy old lady walking with a broom. With perfect comedic timing Kyle asks her if she was “Cleaning up her act”. With that the old lady started to sweep herself and then asked us for a dollar…

Photo Gallery

There are some trips that stand out in your mind as not just infamous, but unforgettable. These adventures are the stuff that movies are made of, or books are published on. Yet most of the time they end up as only memories. Stored in the old noggin till the next drunken binge or party escapade allows them to re-surface for a good laugh or trip down memory lane. This was one of them.

Rene and Joe

Nelsons Basement

10am, Joe “Papa-Smurf” Rios shows up at my door ready for the huck to San Jose. Map Quest says 6 hours 45Minutes; we