Wicked Wahine’s Bloody Valentine

The ladies rip it up again. This time they take over Bellmars backyard bowl for fun and prizes.

Wicked Wahine #2
My Bloody Valentine 2/27/2005

RA finally let some of his rays peep through the Socal cloud cover so the ladies could get their skate jam on. I walked passed the Serna Security team into a scene Joe Lopes would have been proud of. The BBQ was puffin out smoke, drinks were floating around, and tons of action in the back yard pool at Kelly Belmars.

Carabeth Burnside - Les Twist, and Heidi Fitzgerald grinding hard.
Carabeth Burnside – Les Twist, and Heidi Fitzgerald grinding hard.

Without the heavy burden of over organizing, the ladies let the jam roll in the am hours for practicing. Just about when it was time for the judging to get rolling the girl heavy hitters strutted in to join in the session. Carabeth Burnside, Nicole Zuck, Apryl Woodcock, & Mimi Knoop came in there and gave the session a big second wind. The Sun sparkeled and the clouds danced around Kelly’s for a really fine afternoon of pool skating.

The judging was brought into play and MC Greek was trying to keep things on track. All the girls were pushing each other and they were improving every hour. All of them were getting grinds, many of them were getting airs, a couple of them were doing inverts, and some gnarly lip tricks as well. Although none of the girls made the channel jump Juwels, Cara-Beth and Mimi Knoop all gave it one hell of a try. Juwels ripped her finger open on one try and made a heart out of blood in the bottom of Belmars (A Wicked Bloody Valentine)!

Bellmars Bowl with the Wicked Wahines and Mimi Knoop F.S. Invert Sickness
Bellmars Bowl with the Wicked Wahines and Mimi Knoop F.S. Invert Sickness

When they handed out the awards here’s how they stacked up:

Longest Grind:
Mimi Knoop killed it

Highest Air:
Cara-Beth Burnside – Huge indy blasts and fronstide deathbox airs
Deathbox Challenge:
Heidi Fitzgerald (Frontside and Backside grind over the box).
Best Trick:
Cara-Beth Burnside (Les Twist and Feeble Grind to Fakie were heavy weight moves)
My Bloody Valentine:

Juwels Bauer (Leaving the bloody heart at the bottom of the pool)
Bam Bam – “We almost had to re-give it to Cara-Beth and Nicole when Cara-Beth rolled in from the deck and Nicole dropped in on the roll in and they almost killed each other.”
Most Stylee:
Nicole Zuck (Beautiful, powerful, and gnarly)
Skater most Improved:
Pamela Brodowski (Charging it!)

After that everyone left the place for the after party or wherever and the crew tried to clean up the yard. Kelly was happy to get his toilet working again and he then showed Sumdum, Ray Z., and me some pictures of the bowl being created. We closed down Kelly’s! What a ruling day for the ladies. Good job to Tammy and Liz for making it happen. Thanks to all the sponsors for backing the ladies skateboarding scene. And lastly, a huge thanks to Kelly Belmar and his neighbors.