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We Become What We Create

Dropping a lil story, reflecting. Ok this ramp set-up is from back in the day. Back then if you wanted something to ride you had to build it YOURSELF with homies in your backyard or your friends yard. #DIY Cause there was no public skateparks back then, so you had to build your own ramps. Learning to build our own ramps taught me a lot and made me appreciate bmx even more. Nothing was ever taken for granted. Also having your own backyard set-up there was no ‘random’ people, I mean nobody TELLING ME when I could or couldn’t ride. Nobody telling me what I’m ‘allowed’ to ride. There was nobody setting limitations on our scene or kicking you out or you having to ride some bullshit set up. It was OUR RULES. The best!

But yeah we had to put in work to make it happen, it wasn’t handed to us. It was awesome though, we were creative, outgoing, groundbreaking, dedicated and motivated on riding. We did whatever it took to make it happen. Backyard ramps are still my favorite thing to ride because the vibe always seems real and genuine. I guess that’s because that’s where I started, in backyards. Actually in this backyard in this photo is where it all began. This WAS NOT my first ramp set-up though. My first 6 foot tall 8 foot wide quarterpipe I owned and we built was in 1983 after I discovered ramp plans to build a quarterpipe in a BMX Action Magazine. This photo was taken 1992. And yeah people ask me all the time why I started riding and I say it to the day I die, for the freedom of expression to feel good about myself, to do what I want, have my own style and to inspire not only myself but other people to do something with their life… #noexcuses#bikerinblack#wearewhatwecreate#bmx#og#rickthorne#stayrad#ride#create#inspire


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