Vans Pool Party 2013

Vans Pool Party was flyin high - Cory Juneau

The Vans Pool Party of 2013 was another installment of the most electrifying skateboarding ever witnessed. The intensity and mayhem may not have been believable in the days of yor, but in the modern world where it can be broadcast to your living room via the world wide web, many thousands around the globe would agree with the skaters, media, and frothing fans in attendance that this event is better then all the rest. The Prelims were pretty hectic. Lots of take downs, broken and bruised masters crawling out of the bowl. Blood cleanup in the square was required. There was no mercy for the Masters as all riders had to make it through the Prelims to get to the finals. This may not be the case next year, but we’ll discuss that some other time. The electric vibe for the masters is quite fun. Peter Hewitt and Jeff Grosso lit up the crowd! The top 10 gnarly and consistent Masters made it to another round of torturous fun.

2013 Vans Pool Party
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Chris Miller
Chris Miller
Chris Miller - BS Air
Cory Juneau
Cory Juneau
Cory Juneau
Chris Miller
Chris Miller
Chris Miller - Early Release FS Air
Brad McClain
Brad McClain
Brad McClain
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Jeff Hedges - Guardian of the Ice Cold contraband!

There is literally not enough room in the Pro Final 10 for all the skaters who should be in there. When you bare witness to insane skateboarding by one skater after another, each one blowing your mind, you would expect the judges to grant access into the finals for each. Case in point being the first heat of the Pro division where we all saw skateboarding hell riding taken to new heights. Skater after skater like Sky Siljeg, Greyson Fletcher and Daniel Vargas all threw down craziness and not one of them made the cut.

Jeff Hedges - Guardian of the Ice Cold contraband!
Austin Poynter – blasting higher then you!

When the finals rolled around and the frothing crowd had been filled up with free hot dogs, In n’ Out burgers, and Vitamin waters the intensity got thick. The skating got thicker. Just gnarlier and even more amped. They gave us 5 runs each for the pro division to really boil down the top guys. Chris Miller was doing it again with his super flow and style. Bucky Lasek ruled it by plain ol’ more gnarly tricks then Pedro could blast in a run. Big check and big grins were the end results and it left everyone buzzing at the Alcatraz after party where the beer flowed freely.

The event is really spectacular and I am so stoked to be able to witness and share my thoughts. The skaters are amazing and every year they put on a magnificent show. Nothing ever goes as planned and that is perfectly suited to skateboarding. Love it or leave it! How could you leave it? You love it, I know it!

1. Chris Miller
2. Steve Caballero
3. Christian Hosoi
4. Mike McGill
5. Eddie Elguera
6. Jeff Grosso
7. Nicky Guerrero
8. Pat Ngoho
9. Duane Peters
10. Rob Sluggo Boyce
11. Brian Patch
12. Joske Olsson
13. Tony Mag
14. Lester Kasai
15. Anthony Hancock

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Get ’em next year Nash!

1. Bucky Lasek
2. Pedro Barros
3. Rune Glifberg
4. Omar Hassan
5. Tom Schaar
6. Joshua Rodriguez
7. Andy Maconald
8. Cory Juneau
9. Austin Poynter
10. Gorgio Zattoni
11. Dalton Dern
12. Jimmy Wilkins
13. Tristan Rennie
14. Sandro Dias
15. Nolan Munroe

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