Vans Invitational 2013 – Mens

Jeff Greenwood

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Mason Merlino – Sheeeesh!

In the long line Huntington Beach, fun at the beach in the summertime, raging skate contests, the Van Doren Invitational will go down as one of the best so far. We’ve seen Soul Bowls, Coastal Carnages, but now a stellar CONCRETE bowl design modeled after the legendary Marseille Bowl in France, with some really great improvements! This created a concrete stage in the sand that got completely annihilated by the ripping concrete generation.

All kinds of preliminary events went down all week during the lead up to the Mens finals. On Saturday the Mens prelim’s went down and for 2 hours it was a beautiful form of skateboarding chaos in front of a packed house of sun baked spectators. The finals spots were up for grabs and nobody was holding back.

I stayed home from the finals and watched the contest unfold on the webcast, but Maddog was down there holding it down for the video clip (see above). It was an all around sick production. Top notch through and through and nothing like the garbage the X Games puts on, oh wait a minute, they quit the skatepark format anyways. The most exciting form of skateboarding there is with the most spontaneous skaters. Fuckin ‘tards! Vans Rules!

Sick Art for a sick bowl!