Roundwall Rumble – Lee and Joe Jamail Skatepark

It was a hot summer day in Houston for the Roundwall Rumble pool jam.

It was a hot summer day in Houston for the Roundwall Rumble pool jam. As the sun was setting in the west, the action was heating up in the bayou city. The format was four age divisions and one open class. The amazing part was the amount of kids in the two youngest divisions. The first rule of the contest was you must be able to drop in the pool and a good twenty plus kids showed up for the eleven and under class. Hats off to all the future rippers to having the huevos to skate.

Cockfight’s Kevin Lane ran the day smooth as butter handing out prizes, announcing, and even making the trophies. The final for the open class finished up with only ten minutes before the park closed.

Embassy’s Little Max Peterson was tearing it all day winning his age division and making a good show in the open class.

Pinks pizza dished out the dough for the open class

Todd Prince was lurking around playing cub scout leader

Nick Parenti was flying around the pool making it look like PVC coping. Nick took 2nd in the Open class

The over the hill division bought out some old local talent and a couple travelers. Red beard showing how to avoid those damn kids loud music with a old school pro tec

Gary from OK cruising a madonna in the kidney

It was getting late and most of the parents had taken the kids home when the open class started. Joe dirt decided to take advantage of the situation and make a beer run

Kid sensation Jeremy Smith show his skills with speed, lines and old school tricks. I think this kid was born about twenty years too late. Jeremy took first place in the open class.

What can I say about Tom Montgomery ? No really what can I say ? I don’t know where he’s from, where he lives, how long he’ll be here. They call him Tomahawk and for good reasons, I’ve seen him yelling at kids on the deck “either you drop in or get the fuck off the ramp soldier” Tom took home 2nd in old farts division

Why is one guy always standing in the middle of a sticker toss giving you a thumbs up?

It just wouldn’t be a Texas hoe down without a trophy made from old lonestar beer cans.

Ben Johnson lofting a front side and taking home the 3rd place money in the open class

Connor O’leary spent enough time on the coping for the both of us.

1st place Jeremy Smith
2nd place Nick Parenti
3rd place Ben Johnson
4th place Connor O’leary

Photos Groovehouse