River City Skate Date 2021

River City Skatepark Raffle

Aw yah… River City Skatepark, or South Park Skatepark, is rightfully known to most as Stargate, Grindline Mark “Monk” Hubbard’s skate Stonehenge to the dimension of flow. And that it does. On Sunday, August 22nd, skaters from around the mighty Great Nor’west gathered at this holy moly ground to celebrate the major new additions that laboriously appeared thru 3 of the 4 portals during these recent months. Each door providing a fresh glimpse into alternate rippable possibilities. And they also came to help pass the tray for future intergalactic pours.

All hands were on deck with nonstop rip-riding provided by massive amounts of local talent. Some sponsored, a few ol’ timers, some first timers and others lookin’ for a good time. From above it must’ve looked like an ant farm carousel on acid… all having a blast!

2021 River City Skate Date - Olga Aguilar Pics
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Live tunes for the event were provided by a smokin’ young gun 3 piece called Karoshi, who banged out a kickass set of heavy grooviness that lit the spark to kickstart the proceedings.

Next up were time trials. A race to see who could circle the park the quickest. Many were killin’ it. But I gotta say, watching the determination in the wee ones as they relentlessly pushed to yelps and cheers was a highlight.
…Our future perhaps?

Then, The Fakies played. 4 guys who’ve been skating together since the ‘70s with one helluva crazed maraca-slingin’ singer.
JAKS we be.
Rippers were pumping, grinding and flying from all sides of the band while we shredded thru our squirrelly line of tail-tappin’ skaterawk.

A circle of madness ensued.

Throughout the entire day raffles and giveaways continued for boards, skate gear and clothing that were lovingly provided by Black Market Skates, Thirty Fifth North, Don’t Sleep, Skate Like A Girl, Art Primo and Grindline among others.

Another epic event for a very special skate spot we here hold dear to our skate hearts…
Thanks for the stoke everyone!

Flyer for the Event