Outsider Profile: Failed Skateboards

Outsider Profile: Failed Skateboard from Vermont USA

When was your company established?
Failed started in the summer of 2006

Who is the owner of your company?
Rob Getek is our Owner and Lead Designer

How come you started this company?
Failed started as an art project of sorts. I was looking for a unique canvas to present my art and thought a skateboard deck fit my theme. My work became popular locally and I saw a demand for the product. I started selling the decks and it soon became more of a business than a hobby. My brother came up with the name Failed and I rolled with it. We’ve been selling decks online worldwide and are represented in over 16 countries.

Where is your company based out of?
We are based out of Johnson, Vermont. Only minutes away from Stowe, the birthplace of Burton Snowboards.

How has your company changed since it was started?
To be honest, we haven’t changed much. We’re still a small internet based company. If anything I’d say our graphics have matured and been refined since we started two and half years ago.

What products are you offering?
Currently we only offer the decks (hardware can be added at checkout). We’re scouting for a new shirt printer so we can get our Apparel back on the market.

Who are your team riders?
Team building hasn’t been a focus of Failed. We sponsor a few skaters nationwide and plan on doing the “team” thing in the future. If you’re interested, contact us on our website, failedskateboards.com/contact

How tough is it to get recognition for your company?
At first it was tough because we’re a small company and skaters were hesitant about trying a “no name” deck. But our product has spoken for itself and we’ve been lucky enough to gain recognition worldwide.

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