Outsider Profile – Comus Skateboards

Outsider Profile – Comus Skateboards Comus Skateboards
Skate Company Profile:

Comus Skateboards

When was your company established?

July 2003

Who is the owner of your company?

The managing members/owners of Comus LLC(Comus Skateboards) are Michael Buckley and Courtney Gibney.

How come you started this company?

We just wanted to have a good American made product
that we could design and ride. I was getting
frustrated with the boards in shops. I couldn’t find a
board that was bigger than 8″ without it being a
longboard or having a square tail. Courtney used to
skate and is slowly getting back into it and has the
art skills that are much better than my stick figure
drawings. Seemed like a good fit.

Where is your company based out of?

COMUS is based out of our home office.

How has your company changed since it was started?

Our changes have been in the new run of decks. Before
we concentrated on having stained plys in the wood…
trying something that was different than other brands.
The new run is more into the graphics and paint. We’re
stoked on the colors and plan to go more that way in
the future.

Comus Mike 1
Mike at the Chino Turkey Shoot

What products are you offering?

We have five sizes/graphics available. The sizes are
7.5, 7.625, 7.75, 8.0, and 8.25. We also have trucker
hats, stickers, and are working on getting shirts.
It’s a slow process when your as small as we are.

Who are your team riders?

We currently have three team riders: Matt Boyster, who
has been killing it at Skatelab and our other two
riders Tuck and Steve Perez, are the street skaters of
the team. I’m the resident “old guy” you see at the

How tough is it to get recognition for your company?

It’s fairly difficult when it comes to attempting to
get the product into shops. They love our boards, but
they either don’t have the room to display them or
they want to see a major advertising campaign from
us… which we can’t afford.

What are your companies hopes for the future?

We obviously would like to be able to make it a full
time thing and be able to have a pro team in the long
run, but for the short term, it would be cool to break
even and to be able to expand our product line. We
finally got a basic version of comusskateboards.com
up. Courtney has been teaching herself how to build
the site, so it still needs some tweaking, but at
least we are finally able to show our product and
process orders online.

Comus Deck
Comus Deck

Is there any kind of motto your company is based off of?

COMUS represents vices and debauchery… and our “motto” is Bat out of Hell.

To Contact Comus Skateboards for more information please help yourself to their website and contact info:

Phone #: 818.536.1356

Website: www.comusskateboards.com/

Email: sales(at)comusskateboards.com

Comus Mike 2
Comus Mike 2
Comus Matt Boyster

Matt Boyster airing the Brookings OR. gap