M.A.S.S. Olney contest

The pool at Olney is a triple beasted whore from the right side of town….

The contest was small since it was a rescheduled event. The old mans division had the most people of any of them. Is there something wrong when the old farts over populate the other divisions or is it just the cob webs and canker sores are starting to fall off. The pool at Olney is a triple beasted whore from the right side of town. One of the better bowls on the I’ve had a chance to ride in a long time. Three nice pockets with smooth hips that just beg for speed

Stephaine Murdoch was tearing it all day.

Bob Pribble kicked off a friendly wave in the Old mans division. Bob took home Second place and a couple bruised ribs


Jesse Davis threw down some beers the night before and then turned his attention on the senior citizens. Jesse took first in the forty plus division.

psycho’s frontside hand plant over the deathbox

Hilbish showing he’s got some pop

Plenty of BBQ was cooked over the weekend. The stuffed jalapenos and jerk chicken would set you on fire. Derek Krasauskas had that not so fresh feeling and tried the highlife douche.

Mirco going Macro in the heat

Jesse and I were doing a little disco run. Jesse took home the throphy, I could never dance.

Veteran east coaster Bob Blair took some time off from surfing and hit the concrete.

Brett Roper ripped the pool with lip tricks, big airs and high speed lines to win the 18-39 division. Cockfight riders took first second and third place.

I’m not too sure what Rosco was looking for and I don’t want to know if he found it.


10 and under bowl

1st Crew Smith
2nd Nick Webber
3rd Nick potts

11-13 bowl

1st Dylan O’Neil
2nd Collan Graham
3rs Neil Hailey

Novice street

1st Nick Webber
2nd Chase Critter
3rd Nich Stull

Intermediate street

1st Tyler Martin
2nd Jovan Stull
3rd Jack Sandler


14-17 bowl

1st Ronnie O’Neil
2nd Jake Hilbish
3rd Chuck Morris

40 + bowl

1st Jesse Davis
2nd Bob Pribble
3rd Kenny Griffin

Women bowl

1st Zan Hailey
2nd Stephaine Murdoch
3rd Livvy Branch

Long board

1st Jake Hilbish
2nd Coco Branch
3rd Nick Potts


Thomas Knight Advanced street

1st Kyle Pressom
2nd Yoshi Tannnenbaum
3rd Alex Johns

18-39 bowl

1st Brett Roper
2nd Wes Meadows
3rd Peter Furnee