Malibu Lookback – Respect Pool

(Skaters in the pics are Mike McKinnis, Brian Osterbeck, and Sasha)

This is just a little photo gallery I put together from some old slide film. I was inspired to find my pics of this pool because Blue Tile Ozzie ( posted a pic of it in its current state, under a major pile of sand. It’s been that way for more than 10 years now, but we did skate it for a little while.

The pool was pretty gnarly, a very big high diving pool by all accounts and maybe reached 12 feet deep. It is very round in the deep end, but the trannies are like a ditch with a kink to another ditch. I think we only saw a couple grinds in it from our crew and I tail dropped the deep end.

We called it the Respect Pool since that is what was spray painted on the facewall with White or a clear laquer so it was barely visible.

If you want to shovel it out, go for it.