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Independent Ruled ASR!!!

…Independent Trucks have been at the forefront of our culture for over 25 years-because they invented it. Remember that.

Words by Dave-O

Duane Peters Salba Lucero Mike Smith
Duane, Salba, and Indy co-founder Fausto. John Lucero and Mike Smith

This years January San Diego ASR had less skate co’s than previous years…and a much smaller skate ramp area too. While some skate co.’s had booth’s before…now they don’t…and others popped up outta nowhere like Premium, Deluxe, and Rebel Skates….

It was Black Label/Redd Kross owner John Lucero who had a booth this year that was totally cool….he had kegs of free beer and was rappin’ with everyone-Lu is a real class act, and his generosity and booth area made him seem even cooler. We rapped skating and biz while downing some cold pops. KEY.

Besides all the pre-pubescent gash running around all weekend – I’m sure everyone will agree with me that it was Independent Trucks Book Signing Party that stole the entire ASR show – and took a lot of folks by surprise.

Autograph hounds. Steve Olson and Gavin O’Brien

Everyone was there.. Fausto, Dr. Rick B., Stecyk, MOFO, DP, Corey, beautiful baby Clash, Mr. and Mrs. Salba, Grosso, Olson, Jay Smith, Tommy Guerrero, Dressen, Pineapple, TA, Lance, Christian, Jen, and Pops, Navarrete, Patch, Omar, Mike Smith, and many others were signing book after book after book…there was roughly 700 – 1000 total in attendance. Stars were even there to get autographs of their favorites and heroes…Joel Tudor was even seen lurking for signatures. So was Curtis Hesselgrave, Grant Brittan, Stephen Baldwin…who cares.

Anyways, Independent had free food, beer, and DJ Ray Stevens for what seemed like hours on end-and they just kept on coming in…I know that many of the pros were overwhelmed by all the hoopla over them – and it was clearly a great moment in skate history.

Jay Smith was loving it, but didn’t even realize that he was one of the most sought-after of the autograph seekers-for his two-page layback at Whittier spread…..he signed hundreds of Indy Books and met old faces and talked with many bros from the past. The entire experience humbled him big time – and all Jay could say was how proud he was to be involved with the greatest and most influential skate company of all time.

Steve AlbaChristian Hosoi Tony Alva
Steve and Julie Alba – Christian Hosoi Tony Alva

And so am I. Independent Trucks have been at the forefront of our culture for over 25 years-because they invented it. Remember that.

On behalf of Skaterbuilt Skateboards and everyone there, I would like to thank Bob DeNike, Keith Wilson, and Joey Tershay, for putting on the most spectacular get-together that ASR has ever seen.

Independent Trucks 4-Life.