Greg Holt Interview

A.K.A. Butter Bolt

Sponsor: The Slant skateshop in Everett

Hometown: Grew up in Marysville Wa. and currently residing in Everett.

When I’m not skate or snowboarding…

I’m usually down to do whatever comes my way. I work for Doug Kirk
Landscape & Nursery on Whidby Island. So when I’m not doing that I
skate as much as possible. As far as snowboarding it’s a little too early
to start thinking about that.

Other Interests

Oh, you know, Roller skate, fire juggling and break dancing, ha
ha, I enjoy Back packing, fishing, music, and mountain biking. Surfing
has always been in the back of my head.

Hopefully sometime in the near future I will be able to go on a surf

Dream Trip

Get the heads together, load up the B-team, start up in N. Vancouver
(B.C.), and end up in S. California. Hitting as many skate spots as possible
along the way. West Coast represent!!!

What are some future plans?

My main plan right now is to go and visit my father and his wife.
They live in Thailand. I plan to

leave by mid September and I’ll bethere until early October, I’m sure
it will be an exciting experience with all sorts of challenges along the
way. Once I’m back in the states its up to Stevens Pass for another winter
of being a snow bum.

Who are some of your influences ( skate & snow)

I’d have to say in my early days of skating, a lot of my influence
came from skating with the older guys around town (MSUI). One particular
name comes to mind Orien Yekley. He introduced me to the ollie,
and other basics of skateboarding. Since then , skateboarding has been
influence in itself.

Musical & Movie Favorites

There is no real music classification that I limit myself to. Too many
styles and categories to really have one favorite. Honestly, my favorite
music is LIVE MUSIC. Favorite movie of all time – FLETCH. Chevy Chase is

Who would you like to thank?

I’d like to thank my family, especially my sister Julie, who let
me come stay at her house when I was recovering from my broken ankle. Thanks
to all my friends for being the original people they are by not selling
out to jealousy, hate, greed, or money. LATER