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Corn Fest 2006

DK - backside ollie to smith
DK – backside ollie to smith

…just got back from Cornfest in North Carolina. Big sesh last Sat. at Wanchese Bowl, to celebrate bowl owner Marc Corbett’s B-Day. Awesome sesh, lots of fireworks, lots of high speed grinding, lots of food and beer, and a lot of good times. Sunday was for the backyard pools. Nag Head is going off, great scene, here are a few pictures. The one of Derek Krasauskas is not just a bs smith on the over vert, he ollied into that shit from the flat wall. It was the sick.

Other highlights included Pat Clark inverts and rock’n roll’s on the over vert, and local boy named Jesse kill’n everything we sk8ed. I think I included a photo of him on the over vert doing a fs crail grind, he also did a lein to tail on that shit. A local named Mikey along with a bunch of local talent including Trey from NC skates along with Dirty from somewhere in NC also ripping the session. We had a sick trip, was so fun in da backyards that we didn’t even sk8 the grindline ymca they recently received. Anyhow, baby duties call..

sk8 arOund wall,

Jesse fronstide grinder and Pat rock n'roll on the over vert.
Jesse fronstide grinder and Pat rock n’roll on the over vert.