Thunderous plundering down under and a bit of blunder as well. A tale of the American carpet bombing campaign that invaded Oz and NZ, a heavy art attack, and the fallout that still scorches the ground well below the equatorial line…

Bowl-o-Rama 2008 aka Bowl-of-Drama 2008

As one Rider remarked; Who won the contest? I dont know but did you hear what happened to Tyler Mumma? Two weeks in Oceania, Two Contests and one Hell of an Art Show.

Cardone, fishing.

Sergie Ventura kicks out the jams.

Lance samples the water of the harbor…

…and comes proper in dryer places.

Contests come and contest go, and as far as contests go; New Zealand, the first stop of this Trans-Tasmanian bowl-riding double header was worth the long-ass flight. Wellington New Zealand: The land of the lost, Clean air, Clean water and a pretty sick park. Saturday – Rained out, but not put out, Sunday, Blue skies and that hole in the ozone (thanks W) caught a few of our fairer skinned riders off guard, Beware! – Invasion of the Lobsters.

Senn Dog.

Rune Glifberg is gooder than you and all of your friends.

A full turn out Euros, Ameros, Ozzies and Kiwis were smiled on by the Mari Sunshine. The Bowl, a 9 foot snowman, fast, fun and best of all different and new. Not some same-ol-jocked out; im-going-to-practice-forever………….., FAME!!!!! situation. New to all and all knew this was going to be a good one. The bowl benefited those with lines. Those who shined were Kyle "Hibernating Bear" Berard, Cardone, Omar, and Rune. Things are different once a contest starts, i guess that is why we have them. From the get go, Senn was gone. Lapping fools at their own game. There was a great backyard session vibe. I kept thinking i was going to look over my shoulder and see Steve Van Doren BBQ-ing dogs and burgers. The Atmosphere was light and fun.

The Masters were just as relaxed Lance and Ngoho were feeling at home and Andrew Morrison was there to represent the brave Kiwi spirit. Sasha put down the clip board and picked up the spirits of the crowd, not to be undone by fellow
crowd-pleaser Serge Ventura. A lot of laughter on the decks guys doing doubles, the
fans truly loving it. Im not sure who won, frankly if I did that discussion would kill the great vibe that Oakley, Vans, and all the others created. As corny as it sounds we were all winners – skateboarding is meant to be fun!

Off to Oz. We were having such a great time , who invited Tyler Mumma to this shin-dig anyway? It takes two to tango in this case three. Yes Drama in Bondi, someone call "Bondi Rescue" ; we got a situation on the beach. I wont say much except young girls, horny skaters, and ex-boyfriends need corrals! and they need to stay away from the event.

First the Art Show.

Obligatory crowd scene.

Cab on the lurk.

Ngoho art.

Dylan Radloff.

A nice change of scenery from Vert Jocks, Wasteoids, Old Farts, Dry Humping Fans, Mumma Madness and the bowl in general. Wow these guys can actually paint, I mean really. Caballero, Lance, Ngoho, Wade Burkett showed some real talent, but nothing like what Chris Senn put up, who easily gets Best In Show. His Italian Renaissance Mastership was awed by all and in the end, became the fine
property of Kyle "Hibernating Bear" Berard. Sasha Stiehhorst, Chris Ortiz, and Dean Tirkot held it down for the Cyclopes Crew, with Dean Tirkot showing us all that photo only begins after the shutter clicks.

Lance art.

Baroque Chris Sennisms.

Sick Dean Tirkot photo.

The Love and Guts Art Show presented by Oakley was a screamer. pre-parties, after parties, DJs, and one hell of an open Bar. These guys made my day, forget that they made the trip, that shit went off like a Russian Satellite.

Wade Burkett art.

On we go. The great thing about this event is that there is a friendly rivalry between the Americans and Ozzies. The Australians bring big game and that game stampeded the heard! From the get go it was go big and go bigger. If you have ramp skills, then your going to need them, pad up!

Local talent.

Prep time.

It was a fierce blur of talent and names, everyone should get their due write-up but not here, way to much going down for the democratic process. I do remember seeing Alex Perelson and young Allan Young blowing minds, Bucky Spinning Shamelessly, Cab working it like a man.

Rune. Wow.

Night time.

Sasha Stienhorst.

Lance chases Ngoho.

Omar hitting every coping block in the pool and at times looking nine feet down at them, Rune rewriting the definition of power skating, Daniel Cardone finessing the f@#k out of the bowl, Steinhorst skating like he lives there, Renton Millar calmly
tucking six foot b/s ollies back in, Lester showing us courage, Nathan Perry going faster than anyone! Dustin Dollin is just raw talent infused with insanity and
Corbin Harris was ripped off or did he win? if you judged it like a ramp these guys win, if judged it like a bowl these guys win, again who cares the game of winning and losing is getting pretty old just about now, if you want the winner go to thanks to Oakley, Quiksilver, Vans, Chad Ford and all of the many Ozzie OS clubs who contributed for a kick-ass two weeks, see you next year.


Bondi at night.