Birdhouse Left Coast Tour – Stop #1

The Birdhouse Skateboad Team has commenced their new ‘Left Coast Tour’ yesterday. I jumped in my buggy and headed over to Santa Clarita Skatepark to check out the mob scene. Where ever Tony Hawk goes, the mob is sure to follow and today was just like many before. The Birdhouse team is a wrecking crew beside the Birdman so its not a one man show, not a bowl only show, or a street only show. Its a good all around demo stoking out everyone.

Good pictures were hard to come by as the kids and moms from far and wide squeezed in tight around both ends of the bowl.

Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk had the crowd in his hand every wall.

Kevin Staab

Kevin always stands out from the crowd with colors and prints on everything, even a backside ollie.

David Loy

David Loy had his sights focused on this fs corner air and wasn’t satisfied until he did it proper and bigger. Even after the crowd had broken up.

Aaron ‘JAWS’ Homoki

Over my shoulder I caught a glimpse of something suspicious setting up on the monster stairs. Soon as I get my focus JAWS hits and makes this banger down the stairs. After that the guy was mobbed for autographs, and the runway was packed in. He managed a few more, but after seeing a few slams I was already gone.

Tony Hawk and Kevin Staab

 Showtime always gets a little doubles action. Hawk and Staab has it all set up with just a little nod and wink. No sooner then they were done then it was time to pack up and head to San Jose:

The rest of the schedule can be found in our news section or here on the Birdhouse website.