Big Fun in Big Sandy


Big Sandy Montana felt really isolated as we drove through hours of farmland in Montana to get there.  It was the middle of summer, hot, but beautiful. This was the end of the line of a great skate tour through Montana. The crew grew larger each day as more and more skaters met up along the way and progressed park to park all the way up to Big Sandy where a super sick BBQ skatejam was laying in wait.


Jeff Ament got in a few runs in between all the social duties.

The town of Big Sandy birthed Jeff Amment who went on to found the band Pearl Jam. He said he knew he’d be leaving this lttle town really early in life and he did. He did not forget what it takes to grow up here though and being a kid wasn’t always rosey. He decided to donate the full cost of this bowl, built by Grindline Skateparks, to the town for the kids to learn how to shred and to get aong with each other.


Dalton Beeson put on a hell of a show


Kim Peterson showed up!


Wally Inouye showing the crowd how easy it is.

For such a small town this bowl really makes sense. It is the right size for the right amount of people. After a while though skaters want more. So now Jeff and the town are raising funds to add on some more to the skatepark and adjacent swimming pool. This event was to raise money towards that goal. Ament was going to match dollar for dollar I think I heard.

The vibe was really fun and the town of Big Sandy had open arms for all of us travelers from as far away as Costa Rica. The BBQ was simmering overnight so the smell was instantly making everyone drool. The skating was in session early and went all day. I think there must have been about 100 different riders taking runs in the bowl. All at their own pace. Some ripping, some cruising, and some new blood learning. Guys and girls were all having a party in and out of the bowl.


Raffle Merchandise was up for grabs, thanks to the sponsors for the give-a-ways!


A seriously awesome rack of meat! I would have loved to take some home….

Along the way the food was dispensed and it was delicious. The Raffle took place and product, one liners and a couple of pranks ensued. Did I mention earlier that it was hot? A lot of the road warriors were spotted hitting up the swimming pool next door. Swimming, eating, skating, drinking etc. It was an all out good time. Once night approached many left and many other went to the local watering hole for some live music.


Randy Katen proving age is no matter when you skate.


Jasper just flew twice as fast as anyone else. It was hard to capture him in motion.

Try going next year!