ESPN and X Games doing something right? You decide…

The first day of open practice at the concrete superpark brought out some heavies and there is no doubt that some epic skating is going to go down in August…
Superpark Overview #1

Superpark Overview #2

Time Has Come Today—
I’m not going to argue on their behalf but simply state the realities and show the photographic evidence. Whatever the motive, they hired the right guys for the job, and the overwhelming consensus by some of the world’s best skateboarders is that this thing is completely legitimate. The California RampWorks crew came through with the design and build collaborating with Nate Wesall, Rune Glifberg, and Chris Miller, and the whole thing is nearly flawless. The photos don’t lie. Forget about the venue and the occasion and you have something that stands apart from circus sideshow stunts and mega-extremeness. Apparently the superpark experiment from last year and it’s high television ratings served as signals that cut through the noise. All-terrain is the future. Nobody is denying that, except for those who cannot adapt.

Maloof Am Vert Champ Pedro Berros ain’t messin’ around.

The ever-legendary Lester Kasai tucks into a japanvert.

Bennett Harada cranking through a heavy nosegrind.

Even Salba is getting heated up for this one.

Vote With Your Remote—
High ratings. That’s it. That’s how this happened. So all of you jerks with a Nielsen box, get wise. This type of terrain will generate the type of skateboarding that we all want to see if we’re going to sit around and let the video vampire box suck our remaining brains out. Beer-worthy for a lazy afternoon, go skate in the morning and take a break, or simply tivo it for later analysis.

Lance is ready.

Mighty Josh Borden keeping things fresh with a stale.

If you hate him for wearing full safety gear, that’s your own deal. Andy Mac kickflip melon over the death hole.

Chad Bartie’s ass goes coast to coast over the Jersey channel.

Stay Tuned—
It’s only the first day of practice. You can expect things to get much hotter. Guys hitting it for the first time are already finding the lines and laying waste to the entire set-up.

Parting shot: Rune Glifberg has those viking balls.