Santa Clarita CA Petition

Petition to keep current park open during construction of new park. Our city, Santa Clarita has plans to demolish our public skatepark in 2 months. The existing park was poorly designed however, for many of us it has been our home for close to 10 years. All this right when summer break starts leaving hundreds of kids/adults in the SCV without a place to skate legally for 1-2 years. The city has contracted Site design to build our new park which will be 27,000 sq ft with a mix of transition and plaza style skate obstacles plus 2 8-9 ft bowls that interconnect by a tunnel. The problem is that this new park will not be open until Summer of 2009 “hopefully”.

We have started a petition to save the existing park until the new one is completed. We are calling out to all skaters to help support our cause. If there is anything you can do for us on your site, we would greatly appreciate it. We have a online petition up:

You may check our myspace for updates and progress with this situation. You do not need to be a myspace member to view this page. The link is:

Also, we need your support at the city council meeting which is tentatively scheduled for February 26th at 600 pm.

On behalf of the skate community in Santa Clarita, we thank you for your support!
-Hydro Mike

Mike Riederer
Hydro Skateboards
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