AZPX Skatejam BBQ in AZ. coverage The AZPX Wedge BBQ kicked ass yesterday (Dec. 16th)! We threw down 5 best trick contests with a different guest judge who called the spot and it was on for a 10 minute jam. Wedge Locals were reppin hard and even Wedge Legends like Levi Brown showed up and threw down with the kids for the fun of it. Killer. 6 decks (3 of which were completes thanks to Navigator and Deville), about 60 tshirts and 134 hotdogs…… by Dane Federer

JR Lasater throws a fronty invert on one of the hardest walls in the AZ. This dude also hucked a frontside air OVER the back of the slam wall into the frenzy during the Wrex callout just to stir shit up a bit…

Aaron from an even smaller local company than AZPX, Zombie Skateboards

Lob Rocker hisself bertin over the curb into a layback smitty