Hello everyone, VSA members met with Venice skatepark design team on Thursday.If you did not know 4000SQ Ft were added to the 12,000 ft. A lot of cats asked for a banked snake run, so we came up with a design for the park as well as tweaked the Micky Mouse bowl (shaped
like an elongetad Micky head) by softening the hip and lessening the grade of the waterfall leading into the right “ear” of the bowl”. We also worked on a terraced seating area.

In other news Welcome 2 Venice has been released, it sounds awsome. Jay Adams sings on two tracks! You can purchase a VSA membership and get a Welcome 2 Venice cd through the VSA’s exclusive arrangement with the producer of Welcome to Venice. Only $45.00 Includes T-shirt and membership card.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!