Here’s the contest Ive been talking about. Its taking place on Friday September 21st at
the South Jordan Skatepark about 20 mins south of downtown Salt Lake. Schedule works out perfect – Dew Tour has prelims on Thursday and Street/park finals on Sat night and vert on Sunday, so not only is it a second chance at a little cash for the guys who don’t make it but two days before finals for any of the vert guys who want to make it down. Been getting a good response including Benji G and Mike Peterson both who said they’ll be around for it.

It going to be more of a fun event, an old style BBQ jam with a self judged format. Way
its going to work is a BBQ and bowl session starting around 5pm then there will be a
determined “judged session” from probably 7:15-8 where after wards everyone skating is
given a ballot with all the names on it and circle the three names who skated the best
with one being a tie breaker. Whoever gets the most votes wins, speaking of which its
not huge prize money but $1000 for first. Its supposed to be more of a fun event than a
full on contest scene.

Should be good,
Brian Baade