We are having a skate contest on July 04, 2007 @ 12:00 pm during our local “Cherry Days” festival here in Paonia Colorado.The contest is to raise awareness of the need and funds for a skate park in our small town.

We currently have a small tennis court, with one ramp in it, posing as an attempt to fulfill the needs of the skaters. The skaters do take advantage of what has been offered to them. They do, however, realize that they must now build that court into a park on their own.

We would like to obtain donations of skate boarding clothing and equipment to sell in a silent auction. These funds, along with competition funds, will be used to pour concrete fixtures, ramps and stairs in the area assigned as a skate park.

The P.S.A. will be building a skate complex in the near future. A complex of all the most famous skate parks and plazas across the United States. We will start it with our own unique plaza and follow with the “Pipeline” skate park, in California, built by Jean Hoffman.

I am writing today to request your help and support with our project. All sponsorship obtained at this time will go towards the rebuilding of the current park. We are trying to raise $10,000.00 in skate competition, donations, product sales, recycling, and silent auction.

If you can assist us in any way, please call me @ 970-929-5151.

thank You,
Tammy R. Harlan