Concrete Disciples Skate News Syndicated.
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Concrete Disciples Skate News Syndicated.

We are now offering automatically updating newsfeeds available for your website. These feeds will update by themselves and automatically link to news/reviews/and articles.

Do you have a website that can pull in RSS feeds? Do you have a Google/Yahoo/MSN/ any type of Startpage or web page you hit when you log on to the internet that accepts RSS Feeds? If so we are now piping news feeds through RSS which you can quickly add to your outside webpages and see when new content is added to our website. So if your internet savvy enough feel free to pick up any of our feeds and add them to your favorite webpages.

Please feel free to put tthe RSS feeds into webpages anywhere, anytime.

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It may not be long until we have more feeds to choose from so you can check back here for the latest updates or just click on the logo in our websites footer.