REAL SKATEBOARDS / ACTIONS REALized Duane Peters LTD Edition decks

REAL SKATEBOARDS Offers up 2 sick DP benefit decks… As you probably know by now, Duane Peters had some leg trouble earlier this year. He’d probably tell you it was no big deal, but the medical bills are. The heads at DLX / REAL Skateboards are issuing 2 Decks with all of the proceeds going to help DP pay off his medical expenses. The epic graphics for these decks were graciously provided by Lance Mountain. The red decks are a very limited edition of 50, hand-signed by Duane. These special red decks will go for $100. The green decks will be available in quantity, unsigned and at a regular deck price. Both decks will be available December 17th.


Get over to early on the 17th to secure one or more of these before they are gone:
This one is for Duane