Volcom’s Damn Am in Costa Mesa Starts Today!

Volcom’s Damn Am in Costa Mesa Starts Today!
Live Webcast Sunday 10/24 at 12:00 pm

It’s that time again… After a bunch of rain and a day of practice, the 2010 Damn Am at Volcom starts today. The annual event kicks off at 12:00 pm with the first round of qualifiers. Saturday we’ll see another round of qualifiers (1st from each day goes directly to the finals), followed by the semis, finals and best trick on Sunday. This event is open to everyone, so make sure you stop by to check out all the action, but if you can’t make it we got you covered with daily edits, photos, results and a HD live webcast on Sunday at volcom.com/damnam. All the info you need is below, so click on the image and check it out.

Here’s a message from our buddies at Skatepark of Tampa who do the best job in the world running the event every year:

Security is super tight, credentials are required for any and all video and photo use, even more credentials are needed to pick your nose or fart, hot dogs and a beer runs $20, and every corner you turn you got Johnny Action Sports telling you how core and grassroots his wack new crap is. You better get tickets now! Just kidding! This is what Damn Am is:

• There is no suckurity.
• There are no special passes. If you want to shoot, just stay out of the way and you’re good.
• There’s free food and drink all weekend, and it’s a lot better than hot dogs.
• No “Action Sports” – this is just skateboarding.
• While getting a spot to skate in the event is a bit of a fight, there are no tickets for spectators. Everyone is welcome, everything is free, there is no VIP because we are all VIP.
• Please wear a costume on Sunday because we will all be fully geared up in something crazy.
• Friday and Saturday are both Qualifiers, Sunday is Semi-Finals and Finals. Full schedule is here.