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Concrete Disciples Skatepark Directory - NJ

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West Creek Skatepark - West Creek, New Jersey, United States

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West Creek skatepark is an OK park. It has a fun box with a kink rail, 2 roll ins on each side of that, a round rail, a round/square angled rail, 3 foot quarter with another 3 foot across from that. Then next to that, there is a 5 foot quarter going into a spine with another 5 foot quarter on the other side.

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Dave   West Creek

11:59pm on Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010 

Park is made of purple metal that was intended to be indoor material. The pavement is uneven and sort of sketchy. The 5ft spine is cool and its attached to a 5ft/3ft mini. The pyramid is weak as are the bank ramps that are on either side of it. The rail on the pyramid isn't skateable. There is an o.k round flat rail and down box. Don't make a trip ... read more »

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Relevent Information:
Overall Rating: N.A.
Tranny Rating: N.A.
Street Rating: N.A.
Average Reader Rating: 5 (5 votes)
Designer: Skatewave
Builder: Skatewave
Phone Number:
E-mail Contact:
Lights: No
Restrooms: No
Free or Pay: Free
Inside or outside: Outside
Are pads Required: No
Riding Surface Material: Metal
Is there a ProShop on site?:
The skatepark is (approx.): N.A.

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