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Oxford Skate Park - Oxford, Mississippi, United States
LAST UPDATED: General Info
Oxford Skate Park - Oxford, Mississippi, United States
Oxford Mississippi Skatepark - Photo by Andrew Eure

Oxford Skate Park - Oxford, Mississippi, United States
Oxford Mississippi Skatepark - Photo by Andrew Eure

Oxford Skate Park - Oxford, Mississippi, United States
Oxford Mississippi Skatepark - Photo by Andrew Eure

Oxford Skate Park - Oxford, Mississippi, United States
Oxford Mississippi Skatepark - Photo by Andrew Eure

they are finishing development of a city public skatepark. I saw from a distance that they were pouring concrete, but I figured it would be a run of the mill mediocre park with mostly street skating in mind, with maybe a couple of 4 foot walls with transition on them here or there, or even maybe a little 4 to 5 foot bowl at most. Well, I wasn't prepared for what I saw.

They have almost finished construction on a HUGE pool with vert. This pool is better than anything in probably 90% of the public parks in so cal. The shallow end (no roll in indcluded, strictly drop in) is no more shallow than 6 feet, which empties into a huge bowl area that is about 8 to 9 feet deep with one section containing a wall around it that extends the height to about 11 feet with a good 2 feet of vert. Then it empties to the left, like and L shape, into a double clover-like section one side curls around in a nice wide big bowl, the other side is a super tight, verted, backyard pool-like section. In these areas the depth does not look to be under 8 or 9 feet. It's massive, and I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what they are doing building this thing in Oxford, Mississippi. The skater population here is extremely small. But rumor has it that the mayor's son is a skater and had something to do with the decision in building a park of this scale. So, people like me are stoked on that! This is a world-class pool they are building. Once this thing is finished I'm pretty sure people will come from all over to skate it.

I'll send some pics as soon as they are done pouring the thing. There is one little section that hasn't been poured yet. I think the ETA on the opening of the park is around early March or so.

Just a heads up. It will definitely be worth going out of your way to no where Mississippi to check this park out.

Rob in Oxford.

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Kevin   Oxford

3:06pm on Thursday, July 23rd, 2009 

Like most parks built by Grindline, the bowl is the best part of the park. It has a great shape, flow, and depth/height variation.

Fyi, the park has lights that stay on till 11pm.

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Relevent Information:
Overall Rating: N.A.
Tranny Rating: N.A.
Street Rating: N.A.
Average Reader Rating: 10 (9 votes)
Designer: Grindline
Builder: Grindline
Address: Dizzie Dean field on Bramlett Blvd.
Phone Number: (662) 236-1310
E-mail Contact:
Website: Click Here for Official Site
Lights: Yes
Restrooms: Yes
Free or Pay: Free
Inside or outside: Outside
Are pads Required: No
Riding Surface Material: Concrete
Is there a ProShop on site?: No
The skatepark is (approx.): N.A.
Date Opened: 2006-02-11
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From I-55. Take the hwy 6 exit off of I-55 and stay on it until you reach Oxford. You will be on hwy 6 approximately 26 miles. Then, take hwy 7 north to the University Avenue exit. This will be less than a mile down on hwy 7. Take a left off of the exit ramp onto university avenue. Go straight about 3 blocks until you get to the burger king and take a right on Bramlett. The park will be directly across from the Lafayette county library on your immediate right.
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