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Concrete Disciples Skatepark Directory - MN

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Zero Gravity - Mound, Minnesota, United States
LAST UPDATED: Address and General Info
Zero Gravity - Mound, Minnesota, United States
Zero Gravity Skatepark - Mound MN. - Photo by Barry Weber

Zero Gravity - Mound, Minnesota, United States
Zero Gravity Skatepark - Mound MN. - Photo by Barry Weber

Zero Gravity - Mound, Minnesota, United States
Zero Gravity Skatepark - Mound MN. - Photo by Barry Weber

Just a basic concrete park. It has a 3-foot minipipe, 4 foot flybox, 4 foot minipipe, volcano, which is also the runway for the flybox, and more halfpipes under construction. No grind rails, because some kid got injured when it opened. SuperAmerica less then a block away, so you can get food, but police station very close as well, so don't do anything stupid.

A very solid park. Best to skate when it's not crowded, for obvious reasons, but mainly because the top two attractions are the mini-pipe and the flybox. They are adding some Skatelite halfpipes, and there is some stuff that is not in the photos. Portapottys on hand, bathrooms at SA.

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Anonymous   Location unknown

5:23pm on Friday, September 3rd, 2010

this park rocks best skatepark i've ever been to
there are grind rails nw but only 1

sam hoh   mound

5:10pm on Tuesday, July 6th, 2010 

good for bmx

sam hoh   mound

5:08pm on Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

it is very fun but a little small

Ross   minneapolis

2:29pm on Sunday, April 18th, 2010

it is smooth and verry nice some days

Matthew   Brooklyn Park

1:16pm on Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 

It gets very very crowded when its nice out. It has lights for night skating and the stair set has a down slope towards it so you can set up instead of pushing.

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Relevent Information:
Overall Rating: N.A.
Tranny Rating: N.A.
Street Rating: N.A.
Average Reader Rating: 6 (11 votes)
Address: 5341 Maywood RD
Phone Number: 952-472-0613
E-mail Contact:
Website: Click Here for Official Site
Lights: No
Restrooms: Yes
Free or Pay: Free
Inside or outside: Outside
Are pads Required: No
Riding Surface Material: Concrete
Is there a ProShop on site?: No
The skatepark is (approx.): 150 feet long, 20 feet wide, with wider parts

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Directions:  Print Directions

Off Shoreline Drive, which connects with Highway 12 (unless you're coming from Highway 12). If you don't know street names, ask anyone you see if they know where 1 of the four following things are: Shirley Hills Primary School, Mound Fire/Police Department (you just go down the "driveway around back of the station, which is across from the school), Wolner Field, which is right next to it, or SuperAmerica, which is right next to Wolner. It is within a block of all those places.

or Try:

Southwest on Highway 12 if coming from Minnetonka. Go about 5 miles after the intersection with Culvers, Lunds (or Ricks, I can't remember), Amaco and O'sullivans. It is by the SuperAmerica. If you get into town and can't find it ask someone where one of these four places is, and here are the directions for each place. Mound Police Station- If you are facing the front of the station, you should be on Wilshire Blvd. The school is across the street. Go down the hill from there, either behind the fire station on your left, or on the road/sidewalk on your right. The skatepark is at the bottom. The skatepark is also behind Wolner Field, which is behind SuperAmerica. All are within a block of each other.
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