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Concrete Disciples Skatepark Directory - OR

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Salem - Salem, Oregon, United States
Salem - Salem, Oregon, United States
Salem OR skatepark - Photo by S. Johnson

Salem - Salem, Oregon, United States
Salem OR skatepark - Photo by J. Greenwood

Salem - Salem, Oregon, United States
Mike Wiseman ollieing out of the bowl, across the channel, and into the snakerun. - Photo by J. Greenwood

Salem expanded a while back to include more ledges and banks. This park is even better than before.

The original review was a really good one, but that was seven years ago and new standards are being set that make this skatepark very below average to average at best. The snake run/bowl is fun, but the trannies are not true.

Reader Reviews & Comments:  

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michael   west salem

2:13pm on Thursday, May 20th, 2010 

its too small of a place, im from cali and we had a small skate park with alot of stuff so yea, bowl n legdes isnt enough

damian simpson   oklahoma city

3:05pm on Saturday, September 26th, 2009 

i grew up skating this park. It was a sick spot in the mid 90's. I left in 98 and returned this last august. It's not skate able with 63 spf. It's super chiped out. It's a bike spot now. The street is not wort stoping for. death of a park is sadding!

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Relevent Information:
Overall Rating: 5
Tranny Rating: 5
Street Rating: 4
Average Reader Rating: 6 (5 votes)
Address: Commercial St. NE and Marion St. NE
Phone Number:
E-mail Contact:
Lights: No
Free or Pay: Free
Inside or outside: Outside
Are pads Required: No
Riding Surface Material: Concrete
Is there a ProShop on site?: Yes
The skatepark is (approx.): N.A.

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It's located downtown across from the Payless or Bartell Drug next to a large highway bridge.
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